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Taking Control of Your Career

A SELF-learning Exercise

Program Overview

This Peer Personnel Training and Placement Program was established by the California Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI) to address the ongoing workforce development needs in the Public Mental Health System (PMHS). Through this program, we will recruit, train, and place Peer Support Specialists in sites throughout the Inland Empire to help fill in the gaps in the mental health and recovery systems of care.

Peer Support Specialists (PSS) are individuals with lived experience in mental health and/or recovery. They provide support, advocacy, encouragement, affirmation, acceptance, resources, and hope to consumers. They share their personal experiences of navigating the public mental health and/or recovery systems of care, engaging in treatment and the recovery process. The support they provide helps break down barriers and empower people to find and follow their own recovery paths.

Prior to beginning training, you will complete an on-line career assessment survey to prepare them for the formal training and internship program. Upon completing this survey, you will have a brief question and answer conversation with the LSSSC Program Coordinator. This session may be a phone call, an email exchange, a video conference, or a group video gathering.

To prepare for this career discussion, please complete this three-part career assessment online survey.